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If you have a chocolate Labrador that comes from American Field Champion blood lines, you can most likely trace at least one path to a dog named Avon born in 1885 in England.  Avon came from imported St. John's dogs of Newfoundland to the third Earl of Malmsbury.  Avon was the son of Malmsbury Tramp and Malmsbury Juno. The chocolate gene has carried through from Avon to some of our current American National Field Champion lines. 

Buccleuch Avon born 1885 sired "Liver color pups"

Avon was a gift from third Earl of Malmesbury in England to the sixth Duke of Buccleuch (1831-1914).  Both had maintained separate kennels with dogs imported from Newfoundland called St. John's dogs.  The breed was not registered at this time and records where kept by these British aristocrats as more of a hobby.  Fortunately they saved the breed since St. John's dogs did become extinct in Newfoundland.  These lines were said to be quite pure for the St. John's bloodlines.  Avon is in almost all current Labrador's pedigree but it is his chocolate  gene that was passed for almost 100 years before it became popular and accepted into currently registered Labradors.

The chocolate lab was part of the original St. James Dog that was bred into the Labrador Retriever of today.  It should be noted that another St. John's Dog that was "brown" had become part of the breeding foundation for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  The English ship "Canton" had left Newfoundland for Poole, England and had become shipwrecked off of  the coast of Maryland.  There was a "jet black" and "brown coated" dog that were found that became a part of the development of the Chessy.    (Richard Wolters book The Labrador Retriever Dutton, 1992 p.153)

There are many sources that indicate that this dog named (Buccleuch) Avon sired "liver colored" pups.  Liver was the term used for chocolate Labs prior to the standardization of color references in Labradors.  The Buccleuch kennel did not keep these pups as breeding dogs but would pass "unsuitable" breeding stock to friends and family as pets.  At the time breeders were trying to perfect a black line of dogs.  Nevertheless, Avon did pass on his chocolate gene as a recessive trait to many of his black offspring.  While we cannot do any sort of genetic testing of long dead dogs to see which ones were genetic carriers, we can look at the bloodlines of current Labradors to see likely pathways for the color. Jack Vanderwyk has studies the genealogy of Labradors worldwide and suggests at least 8 routes of the gene of present day Labradors from Buccleuch Avon.  You can see his web page at: http://www.labradornet.com/chochistory.html  For the most part the line seems to come from Avon through a very nice field and show dog called Banchory Bolo. 

English Dual CH Banchory Bolo


Route #8 is the one he suggests is responsible for the primary American Field Championship chocolate bloodlines.  Dual CH Banchory Bolo is definitely one of the marker dogs common to the chocolate blood lines. He was a black dog born in 1915 and grandson of FC Peter of Faskally and Shelagh of Glynn.   Banchory Bolo was known to throw some white hairs on the pads of the dogs feet and this became referred to as "Bolo pads".  You can still find some dogs today that will have little white spots of hair on the bottom of their feet by the pads.  This likely traces to Banchory Bolo.   Jack Vanderwyk traces the chocolate gene to a dog named the American and English FC Hiwood Mike.  Mike was a black dog born England in 1935.  FC Hiwood Mike could have inherited the chocolate gene from either of his parents since the both have Banchory Bolo and thus Buccleuch Avon in their genealogy.

FC Hiwood Mike  seems to lead to the chocolate lines of Jet Black Sin a black dog born 9/8/1948 that was run in Derby.  This grandson  AM-CAN Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek  leads to NFC-AFC Del-Tone Colvin to Whygin Coley Cue to Shamrock Acres Super Sioux to FC-AFC Raider's Piper Cub down to FC-AFC Rippin Blue Thunder.  From him we have: AFC Mom's Boy Rip, NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star, FC-AFC Barracuda Blue, FC-AFC Cuda's Blue Rider, MH, Senaquin's Windwalker AAQ,
Little Pierre of Deer Creek goes to NFC-AFC Del-Tone Colvin  to CH Gunfields Super Charger CD, WC (Chocolate sire of many American dogs including some Shamrock Acres lines)  to  FC-AFC Gator Pt's Sweet Potato Pie and the dams side to FC-AFC Gator Pt's Sweet Potato Pie.

Mike was also the grandfather of FC The Spider of Kingswere who has lines going down to Chocolates some of them show titled CH lines. Possibly his line goes down to FC-AFC Les Coup de Grace and on to Mon Tour De Force, a pointing Labrador called Sir Hershey of Surrey and eventually to FC-AFC Pozzy's in Pursuit and a line to FC-AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky, FC-AFC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues.  Elwood also carries chocolate from his mother FC-AFC Echo's Triple Ruff N Ready through Haverhill Archer's Red Echo daughter of carrier FC-AFC-CFC Triple Echo and chocolate show line dog Puget-Power Bay Archer. The Field line of Triple Echo goes back from his dam Luscious Licorice Lass and her father Dual Champ Alpine Cherokee Rocket.  The line continues back to Am-Can Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek

FC-Highwood Mike also had a chocolate line come down from Hiwood Venture to CH lines carrying chocolate going to CH Shamrock Acres Hurry Up (Blk-c) among other show lines.

For the most part, the Field line dogs that carried Chocolate would have been Bolo, Hiwood Mike and Little Pierre of Deer Creek that have lead to today's field champion chocolate lines:

The black FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Meadow Woods Dusty Roads traces back to Highwood Mike via the following path:  FC-AFC-CFC Triple Echo, Luscious Licorice Lass, Dual FC Alpine Cherokee Rocket, Nelgard's Madame Queen (1953), FC-AFC Ladies Day At Deer Creek to AM-CAN Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek .

FC-AFC Canis Major's River Bear was the sire chocolate pups including Nan Dool's Blaz'n Gizz.  He also sired FC-AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky and AFC Wineglass Kuku Koko (mother of FC-AFC Sourdough's Slick Nick).    FC-AFC Canis Major's River Bear line goes; Shamrock Acres Juego De Azar, Shamrock Acres Windridge Samba CDX, Whygin Coley Cue, NFC-AFC-CNFC Del-Tone Colvin, Del-Tone Bridget (1951), Jet Black Sin (1948), Ducklore Black Mallard, AM-Can Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek, FC Hiwood Mike (Born in England 1935) then through either Pettistree Dan to Banchory Corbie  (1921) son of Banchory Bolo or his mother Pettistree Poppet to Eng CH Banchory Danilo (1923) another son of Dual CH Banchory Bolo.

It should be noted that since Wineglass Kuku Koko was chocolate she also inherited the chocolate gene from her Dam's side Lakeside Icicle.  That line appears to go to FC-AFC Riverbend's Bo Jangles, Jaune Chenet, Alvaleigh's Tigners Cindy, Alvaleigh's Rambunctious, Alvaleigh Timber Miss (1953), Earlsmoor Biscuit, to AM-CAN Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek

FC-AFC Snake-Eyes Double or Nothin appears to follow his Dam FC Super Joy of Spring Oaks, Miss Zulu of Upland Farm (1965), the either Tugney of Oakview, Austin of Avandale, Teal Junior of Avandale, Can CH Lochar Pirate (sired 3 chlt with Chevrier's Flash) and suspected back to Lochar Nell (FTW born in 1924)  She was the granddaughter of  Dual CH Banchory Bolo - OR if Miss Zulu of Upland Farm's mother carried chlt it would follow Belle of Upland Farm, CNFC-FC-AFC Yankee Clipper of Reo Raj, Stonegate's Captain, to AM-CAN Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek.

Either way, Snake-eyes lines come down to the following chlt and chlt carriers from him:  NAFC-FC Gusto's Last Control, FC- A Gust of Control Abe Ility to FC Barton Creek's O Mustad.  FC-AFC Aces Hi III, NAFC-FC Hattie McBunn, FC High Tech CEO, FC-AFC Tiger McBunn, FC-AFC Whitey IV.  FC-AFC Barracuda Blue, FC-AFC Wineglass Chasing the Wind, FC-AFC Lone Hickory's Last Chance, FC Free Spirit Par Shooter, AFC Morgan's Gunstock Jet. CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force, FC-AFC Gator Pt's Sweet Potato Pie, FC The Man in Black.  FC-AFC Moon's Carolina Cajun, FC-AFC Carolina's Liquid Smoke, FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke on the Water.  FC-AFC Westwind's Rock and Roll Em to FC-AFC Kensbridge Darkly Handsome.  FC-AFC Bluegrass Dust Commander to FC-AFC Sourdough's Slick Nick.  FC-AFC Kelly's Midnight Trapper. FC-AFC Carolina's Liquid Smoke to FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke on the Water.

FC-AFC Westwind's Bold Tiger possibly inherited his chocolate gene from his dam's side Dale's Double Hope.  The owner of Trieven Thunder indicates that he was bred to dogs who were chocolate and never produced any chocolates. That would pretty well rule out that line for the chocolate gene.  From Dale's Double Hope, her dam Bitterroot Hope has no identified chocolate carriers at least 4 generations back.  Her sire Dude's Double or Nothin has 2 dogs in his pedigree 4 generations back that carried Chocolate - Yankee Clipper of Reo Raj and Ladies Day At Deer Creek.  Any path is not clear at this time.

Chocolate Lab CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force, had a chocolate line come also from his mother A Painted Lady. She carried this from her Dam's side Trieven Gambol. Trieven Gambol's mother was a chocolate named Coco's Creole Mandy (AAQ).  Her Father CH Shamrock Acres Coco Bo, Amer-Mex CH Gunfield's Super Charger (Chocolate grandson of NFC-AFC-CNAFC Del-Tone Colvin who was the GGGrandson of AM-CAN Dual CH Little Pierre of Deer Creek). Shamrock Acres Coco Bo's mother was a chlt that seems to come from the show lines back to Eng CH Ruler of Blaircourt to CH Poppleton Golden Major (1936) and eventually to Banchory Bolo.  Coco Creole Mandy's mother was black but carried chocolate.  It is a bit hard to follow but her mother was Marty's Black Pepper born 1976, Rusty's Black Shadow to AFC Lab-Kingdom's Son-of-a-Gun born 1970. It is possible that this line goes back to  FC The Spider of Kingswere from Hiwood Mike but it is hard to trace. 

Eng. CH Ruler of Blaircourt and his son CH Sandyland's Tweed of Blaircourt comes down from CH Banchory Bolo  and Buccleuch Avon and later connects with NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star, FC-AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder, MH, FC-AFC Pozzy's In Pursuit, FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues, FC Wynscapes High Flying Blues, FC-AFC Hunter's Edge Willy Break, CFC-CAFC Just' A Storm Code, CNAFC-CFC Quik Windstorm 

CH Ruler of Blaircourt was born in England in 1956 son of Forbes of Blaircourt & Olivia of Blaircourt, sire of Sandyland Tweed of Blaircourt

CH Sandyland's Tweed of Blaircourt- Black but carried yellow and chocolate

***CH Sandyland's Tweed of Blaircourt sired the chocolate Labrador CH Cookridge Tango and Tweed was the grandfather of chocolate Labs: Gunotter's Chocolate Nip, Minvan's Caramelle and CH Kamrats Kareena (1964) with different dams.

The paths for transmitting the chocolate gene can get complicated but have a look if you are interested.  Check out the web pages for two well dogs that carried chocolate or were themselves chocolate.

NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star via FC-AFC Rippin Blue Thunder and FC-AFC Belle's Star Emme Lou

Other interesting coat "mis-markings" markings can be found at http://www.blueknightlabs.com/mismarks/index.html

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NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star

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 Bloodlines continue to be collected and examined.  If you have further information please contact me.